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How to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

Imagine you have bought a brand new Smartphone and you are happy to see its different features. But still, you are concerned about its safety and durability. What would you do to make your Smartphone last longer? Well, we have summarized some important tips, and if you apply these tips, it can increase your Smartphone life and performance. 

Safeguard your mobile screen 

Smartphone’s screen is the most important and sensitive part. If somehow Smartphone falls from your hand, it can damage the screen. Damaged screen repair cost you high. So rather than spending on repair or screen replacement, one should take initial steps to protect the skin. Now you can get affordable screen replacement through We are the most credible center for Mobile repair in Rajouri garden, and we do our work passionately. 

Change the battery 

Indeed a fresh battery is an ideal method to bring rejuvenation to the existing Smartphone. Smartphone batteries also have a specific charge lifecycle. This lifecycle has a certain time to charged and discharged function. Once the battery charge cycle is over, it becomes less effective and takes longer to get charged. Hence replacing the battery is the best option to revive the cell phone’s life. You can find mobile repair near me over the search engine, and will appear at the top of the result list. 

Perform reset the mobile device 

We often clear cache and cookies through different external and internal tools present in our phones. Cleaning of cache and cookies improve the performance of your device. But sometimes it doesn’t work, so in that case, it is not necessary to change your Smartphone. Maybe lots of mobile apps and software could be the reason behind your phone’s slow performance. You can perform a reset on your mobile. However, if you don’t want the whole reset that deletes all the data, including account, password, you can reinstall the operating system. 

The reset option for Androids,

Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options> Erase all data (factory reset)

For iPhones reset 

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Make your charging port cleaned.¬† A survey conducted on smartphones’ cleanliness reveals that if a Smartphone is not cleaned from time to time, it can be dirtier than a toilet seat. In short, we must clean our phones from time to time. Especially charging port is an area where dirt and dust enter quickly. The dirt in the charging port can prevent charging and even performance of the mobile. The dust present in the charging port obstructs battery sensing and charging. Take the help of a toothpick and clean the dust from the charging jack. However, you can communicate with, which is a renowned¬†Mobile service centre in rajouri garden, and it can perform all types of Smartphone repair and service at economical rates.

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