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How to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Are you concerned about your laptop’s durability? You obviously want your laptop to remain for a longer time. However, there are certain practices you need to perform to maintain the laptop’s durability.

Install antivirus software

According to, a well-known center for Laptop Repair in Rajouri Garden, it is essential to install antivirus software on your laptop. Cyber threats, viruses, or malware can corrupt your system and make it slow in terms of performance. You can search for the best antivirus scan software over the internet, or an expert laptop repair center will suggest the ideal one. 

Change the battery 

A laptop battery is one of the reasons that can slow down its performance. You must check the battery status. Try changing the battery over time. A laptop battery can drain out and become weak, and in some cases, it takes too much time to charge. Make sure to buy the original battery so that laptop performance doesn’t suffer. Replacing a new battery is quite thrifty than purchasing a new laptop.  

Update your browser or operating system 

In case you have an old laptop, then there may be outdated software and files present in it. If you want to revive your laptop’s longevity, you need to take back up the hard disk and update your browser or operating system. Ensure you have taken back up all your product’s key and data before updating the new browser and operating system. 

Upgrade laptop’s RAM

Upgrading the laptop’s RAM is an effective solution to maintain its lifecycle in terms of performance. In some cases, we have seen that by enhancing the RAM, the old laptop gets 3 to 5 years extension better functionality. For more solutions to make your laptop last longer, connect with the Laptop service centre in rajouri garden at We perform all types of mobile repair, computer/laptop/desktop repair efficiently.

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