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How to make your apple iPhone last longer

One of the popular brands for smartphones is undoubtedly the iPhone. No doubt, apple phones are classy, and they have excellent features. But that doesn’t mean that iPhone can never become faulty. It definitely gets lots of issues and troubles while operating. Today we will talk about a few important tips that help in making your iPhone last longer. 

Sanitize your iPhone with a microfiber fabric

IPhone is manufactured with a longevity sense, but it is the user’s responsibility to maintain its durability. You can make your iPhone a new one after 4-5 years. According to comcomelectronics, an Apple Service Center in Rajouri garden always takes care while cleaning the iPhone. The phone can be durable, but the touch screen is sensitive, and it doesn’t last long if not handled carefully. Don’t use hard cleaner because it can hurt the oleophobic covering of the phone. Excessive abrasion can damage the screen. The best method to sanitize the iPhone is to use microfiber fabric. It is advised not to apply any washing powder or chemicals.

Always use the original charger to charge the battery. 

Charging the iPhone from an external and duplicate charger can damage the battery life. Never try to charge the battery from a local charger as it can reduce the iPhone’s performance. It is always suggested to use the original iPhone brand charger to avoid any malfunction and durability issues. 

Change your battery when required. 

As per Com Com Electronics, an iphone service centre near me ensures that replacing the iPhone battery is a good idea. When you feel that your iPhone battery is draining out or consuming more electricity to charge, you should think of changing the battery. Make sure to change the battery with the original and brand new one from an authorized apple iPhone store. 

Switch off your iPhone while charging  A study confirmed that if you charge your phone on the switch off mode, it gets charged quickly. If you charge your phone in turn-on mode, it can create more heat. This process eventually eliminates the battery lifecycle. Moreover, it can harm the internal elements of your iPhone. 

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