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3 Tips For How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe And Secure

There is no doubt that technology is a boon for human life, but you can’t neglect the fact that it also brings us cyber threats and viruses if not secured properly. At present, there would be hardly few people who are not using mobile phones with internet. When it comes to mobile devices, there are no manuals provided for how to keep your phone safe and secure. When you are using internet, many cyber criminals try to attract you by doing different activities to which you are completely unaware. When you have become victim of such case, it is always preferred to connect with professional mobile service centre in Rajouri Garden as they know how to deal with this.

3 Tips For How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe And Secure

To help you dealing with similar issues, here are 3 tips to keep your smartphone safe and secure.  Let’s get started:

  1. Protect your phone with PIN or Pattern lock

The biggest safety and security threat comes when your phone is stolen. It could give complete access to your phone; therefore you should always keep your phone password protected. Every smart phone comes with this security feature that you must turn on. Keeping a PIN password is better than pattern lock, but make sure to keep it random and not related to your mobile no. address, or birth date. In case, you forgot password of your mobile and not able to recover, look for mobile repair near me to avail instant help.

  • Keep your phone updated

Make sure you have installed updates in your phone as system updates are intended to improve your experience. Never ignore to install updates as it brings a great experience, improve safety, security, themes, and many other things. These updates are also done to protect your device from newly discovered threats. Check your phone updates by going to “About phone” in general settings by clicking on “System Updates” or “Software Updates”.

  • Download apps from trusted stores only

Never download apps from untrusted source as cyber criminals create rogue mobile apps that steal personal details and other confidential information. You must check out reviews of the app before downloading it. Also, make sure you are downloading apps from trusted sources like Play Store or App store. Read the app’s privacy policy if you can before downloading the application.

All these three tips will help you in keeping your phone safe and protected from vulnerabilities. Apart from this don’t forget to log out from the sites after making payment, never save your card details on websites, keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turn off when not in use, install a good antivirus app in your mobile. If you still require mobile repair in Rajouri Garden, don’t delay to reach Com Com Electronics mobile repair service centre in Rajouri Garden. We repair mobile, laptops, and computer of every brand at reasonable prices.

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